Sony tv guide double channels

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Jul 14 Wed. Jul 15 Thu. Jul 16 Fri. Jul 17 Sat. Jul 18 Sun. Jul 19 Mon. Jul 20 Tue. Jul 21 Wed. Jul 22 Thu. Jul 23 Fri. Jul 24 Sat. Jul 25 Sun. Now Primetime Date E. On Now. Asked to protect his neighbour, Charlie, Fraser uncovers a deadly insurance scam.

Meanwhile, Diefenbaker defies Fraser and goes outside, ending with him on the run from the animal control service. Up Next.All the digital I have rescanned and reset, Also recently undated There are others that have changed. For better assistance, may we know the model number of your TV? May we know the software version of your television? Therefore, depending on the specifications of the connected device, the program guide or recorded title list of the connected device may be displayed.

I am currently running version 6. Not sure what number that version was. I do not have any external devices connected to the tv. To better illustrate the issue, here is an image of the TV guide. You can see where I see guide for channels Hi wlmatus.

sony tv guide double channels

Please send me a private message for further assistance. I have exact problem in Houston with xbr65xc. Is there an answer for this? No, I could not figure out how to send private message to Erin about the issue, so I contacted tech support.

sony tv guide double channels

My issue is with digital antenna TV guide. If it was IR Blaster, then why do I see guide for some stations? To me it appears to be a gracenotes issue.

sony tv guide double channels

This model of TV uses gracenotes for the database of stations for the guide. Unfortunately, we cannot contact them directly. Yes, they are not understanding that we our using antenna only. IR blaster is not the issue. I had this problem a little over a year ago when one of the other Houston stations moved. It finally resolved after about a year on its own. Mine looks exactly the same and is very annoying. Having the same issue in south Carolina after FCC repack on several channels.

Sony support recommended a factory reset - that did nothing.

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I guess it's safe to assume that whatever database is used by the Program Guide app is not getting updates and the people responsible for are in no hurry to fix it. Hi, mlee! I replied to your other post. Please check your notification or the link below.

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Apparently this is a problem with the data provided by gracenote, the supplier of information for the guide.Sony Movies. Tue 14 Jul am Teleshopping. A chance to buy goods from the comfort of home. The Perfect Bride A beautiful young woman is thrilled when she finally finds Mr Right.

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His girlfriend tries to find out what has happened to him, but to uncover the truth, she must join a cult posing as a charitable organisation, from which no one has ever escaped. Drama, starring Emma Watson and Daniel Bruhl. The White King Analogue Auto Tuning: Tunes in all the available analogue channels.

Usually you do not need to do this operation because the channels are already tuned when the TV was first installed. However, this option allows you to repeat the process e. You cannot select a programme number that is set to [Skip]. Allows you to fine-tune the selected channel manually. When [On] is selected, the fine tuning is performed automatically. Programme Sorting: Changes the order in which the channels are stored on the TV.

Tunes in the available digital channels. This option allows you to retune the TV after moving houses, or to search for new channels that have been launched by broadcasters.

Removes any unwanted digital channels stored on the TV, and changes the order of the digital channels stored on the TV. When [For Hard Of Hearing] is selected, some visual aids may also be displayed with the subtitles if TV channels broadcast such information. Provides audio description narration of visual information if TV channels broadcast such information. Switches to broadcast for the spoken subtitle audio if TV channels broadcast such information. Select the preferred language used for a programme.

Some digital channels may broadcast several audio languages for a programme. Select the secondary preferred language used for a programme. Select [On] to automatically change the channel when broadcaster changes transmission of the viewing programme to a different channel. Satellite Setup: Allows you to automatically tune satellite channels. Single Cable installations enable delivery of satellite programmes for multiple receivers over a single coaxial cable.

Fixed Antenna is usually the simplest installation type, where there is one satellite dish and LNB. Settings for controlling additional satellite equipment such as satellite selector switches.

Manual Scan allows you to set the scan frequency and other transponder parameters. Removes any unwanted satellite service stored on the TV, and changes the order of the satellite service stored on the TV. Manual Service Update preserves favourites and timers : Searches for available service update manually. Interactive Application Setup: The interactive application service offers high-quality digital text and graphics, along with advanced options.

The service is supported by broadcasters. Auto Tuning: Allows you to automatically tune and store all the available channels. FM Radio Presets: Allows you to manually tune and store each available channel one at a time. Channel Setup Note The options you can adjust vary depending on the situation. Unavailable options are greyed out or not displayed.The next part of the first-time setup is to get your live TV sources.

If you're using an antenna or a cable connection that uses the RF connector instead of HDMI from a cable box, this is the time to get your channels set up.

Select your live-content source. Make sure the connection is properly attached and select either "Set-top Box" for HDMI-connected cable and satellite boxes, or "Built-in Tuner" for anything that attaches to the TV with a coaxial connection.

Run Auto-Program. Hit yes to begin scanning for available channels from your antenna or cable connection. Wait for the scan. The actual channel scan may take some time, so now is a great opportunity to make sure your favorite couch or recliner is well-positioned in front of the TV.

Auto-Program is complete! Once the TV is done scanning, you'll get a message showing you how many channels were found. If the number seems low, you may want to reposition your antenna for better reception and scan again. Current page: How to set up over-the-air channels on your Sony TV.

Tom's Guide. How to set up over-the-air channels on your Sony TV The next part of the first-time setup is to get your live TV sources. Setup complete. With channels scanned for, the initial setup is done. Topics Android.When looking for shows and movies on TV, there's nothing quite as helpful for navigating live content as the on-screen channel guide. Pulling up the on-screen guide is simple, but not intuitive.

Thankfully, Sony gives you two separate ways to do it. Switch to live TV. To begin with, you'll need to access live TV. To do this, either press the TV button on your remote control or navigate to the sources bar on the home screen. In the sources bar, select channels to view live TV.

Option 1: Press the TV button. When viewing live TV you can access the on-screen guide by pressing the TV button, which pulls up several TV-related options, including the on-screen guide and inputs for other media sources, such as a Blu-ray player or a game console.

Option 2: Press the Guide button. You can also jump straight to the on-screen guide by pressing the "Guide" button on the remote.

Current page: How to access the on-screen channel guide on a Sony TV. Tom's Guide. How to access the on-screen channel guide on a Sony TV When looking for shows and movies on TV, there's nothing quite as helpful for navigating live content as the on-screen channel guide. Topics Android.This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our cookie policy. Please see here for more information. Right, so you can receive this channel.

Try the next steps to see if we can pick up that channel. If this happens viewers are advised to do a retune of their YouView box to ensure they receive the correct channels. If the issues continues we recommend contacting the Freeview Support Line on for more help. Using an indoor aerial?

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Some of these are powered aerials, check the plug is connected and the aerial is powered on. A quick step this. Just turn off the plug for your TV, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Now see if this has helped. Give it a couple of minutes to retune and check to see if your signal is back to normal. Every so often maintenance works are carried out to keep your transmitter in top condition.

This might weaken your signal or interrupt your service. Check the Freeview website to see if your transmitter is affected.

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Pop your postcode into the Freeview home checker to find out. Sometimes the issue is out of your control. You could be affected by outside signal interference, such as:. Have a read of our article: How to improve your signal for more help.

Please check you are not using another television application at the same time as YouView. If you are, close or terminate the other application s and tune to the channel again.

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Need more help? Visit our full contacts page here. YouView Support. Hidden channels. Hidden channels Have you hidden the channel? Channel check. Channel check Pop your postcode into an Availability Checker.

Is the channel you are trying to tune to listed?


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